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Our Mission & Vision

Recently established in 2022 to fill a need for more support services in the Disability sector, Encore Support quickly found itself filling the gaping niche for more compassionate caring support with dignity that encourages self-confidence, independence and self-empowerment for the disabled members of our community.

Disabled girl in a wheelchair cheering at a sporting event.
A young boy with invisible disabilities inside a rolling playground tunnel.


Our Story

Delve into our About Page, where we share the back story that drives our heartfelt mission and the values that guides our vision, our approach, and the aspirations that lead us forward.


Meet The Team

Stef, Emily and Haley head a team of passionate and experienced staff who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people we support.


Drawing from personal experiences navigating the world at large with disabilities in their own families, our staff can serve and support its clients with a deeper understanding of the physical challenges, and emotional needs, both personal and interpersonal plus the need for social support and community connections for people with disabilities, their families, guardians and carers.

With this in mind, Encore Support have developed a Mission and set of Values to achieve our Vision where every person can thrive, no matter their abilities or challenges.

Our Mission

Encore Support is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of professional, holistic, family support, delivered with empathy, care, and dignity. We deliver individualised support under the NDIS that helps people with a disability build capacity and independence whilst ensuring they have every opportunity for inclusion in their community as well as supporting their carers and loved ones to fulfil their important roles in our participants’ lives.

Our Vision

Encore Support is inspired to create services and supports which empower people with disabilities, further their independence, and enhance their belonging within the community, as well as support their families and loved ones, to fulfill their roles in our participants’ lives. Encore Support’s vision is to create an inclusive world for all.

Our Values











3 boys sitting on river rocks

Encore Support kids with various cognitive disabilities on a supervised bush walk.

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